The Thrive Hive is a female membership group for leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and the up-and-coming new business owners.

What do you get…

You've heard the phrase

“You become like the 5 people that you spend the most time with”, haven’t you?
The Thrive Hive programme was created based on this idea. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I underestimated the importance of support. I experienced so much demotivation within those early days as I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to for help and advice.

Now imagine...

…what it would be like being surrounded by women like you, determined to succeed and live up to their potential. Knowing that these women have your back and hold you accountable to the brave, exciting goals you set yourself…

…having access to a growing library of training material that you could tap into and access whenever you liked…

…knowing that every month you have live access to professionals who teach you about different aspects of business, giving you actionable tools that you can use in your own business or your career…

…on top of that, you also get access to live in person personal development which focuses on helping you to develop a success mindset – which you know will allow you to 10x your impact in your business or career

What do you get as a member

Engaging support all in one place

Access to live training

Expert speakers, trainers and coaches on a monthly basis, helping you to level up in business

Hot seat mindset coaching

Plus mindset trainings documents available to you via the membership area

Weekly accountability for your goals

To help you keep on track with your business and personal development goals

If this sounds familiar, then 'The Thrive Hive' could be for you.

This is too difficult’

‘I procrastinate and am not sure why I am holding myself back the way I do’

‘I feel like I don’t know enough’

‘I’m scared that I am going to fail even though I know I have so much potential’

‘I want to be powerful in my role, but I find it difficult to be the real me’

‘I want to make more money for my family, but my confidence holds me back’

‘How do I sell my services?’

‘I feel so lonely as a business owner’

Akeila Browne

Hey ladies, I am a Mindset and life coach to female leaders and entrepreneurs, I’m also a mum of three amazing boys.
If you are ready to level up your mindset and your business/life then please click on the link to subscribe. Within 48 hours you will be set up enjoy the membership area and you will gain access to the Facebook community.
We look forward to seeing you in there, ready to Thrive xxx

As women, we take on so many different roles in our lives and it can sometimes feel as though we have tonnes of expectations to live up to. Peeling back the layers of expectations, labels and unhelpful beliefs can help you to become more aligned with who you are – resulting in more confidence, impact and presence within your business and your life.

Your mindset is arguably the most important factor in running your business, without understanding the reasons why you do things and the reasons why you hold yourself back you can continue to go round and round in circles never achieving the potential that you know that you could.

After experiencing the effects of coaching and mindset coaching in particular, my life changed completely. As you get to know me better, you will learn the effects that personal development has had on my life, my parenting, my relationships and ultimately my business.

I absolutely adore working with women who are entrepreneurs or leaders within their field, they know they want to have a greater impact and presence within their environments because they are aware of the lives they can help to change. These women know they have gifts and talents that just need to be pulled of them a little bit more so that they can live life in alignment with who they are whilst creating an impact and attracting the money and success that they desire.
They also know that there are aspects of their mindset that they want to work on in order to achieve this and are willing to do the work.

Is that you?

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