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2 SHIFTS TO HELP YOUfall in love with your business

I delivered a talk at a local women’s business group yesterday and the focus of the talk was ‘how to fall in love with your business’. As a single mum of three growing boys, who has worked part time, been a student and run a business at the same time I know a thing or two about how frustration, overwhelm, self-doubt and even boredom can kick in and make you feel like you want to tear up your business plan.

How often have you told yourself ‘this is too difficult, I just can’t do it anymore’ or ‘I won’t achieve my business success because I’m not good/smart/experienced/connected enough’ or ‘I just simply don’t have enough time to make this work’?

You have?….. Well me too!

I recall a conversation I had 3 years ago with my youngest son who was 6 years old at the time, I was working on a hot summers day and I was simultaneously trying to write an assignment and plan a project for my business whilst having all of those thoughts that I have just mentioned.  I was so upset as everything I was doing was going wrong and all of my hard work just felt as though it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

My son walked into my study and asked me whether I was ok, I looked up at him and said not really as I am stuck with some work that I’m doing and don’t really know where to begin – I didn’t even expect him to understand.  He looked at me with a quizzical look on his face and said ‘why don’t you just start at the beginning?’, I asked him with desperation in my voice ‘and where’s that?’ and he replied ‘wherever you want it to be!’

By this point, I was thinking this kid is a genius, so I asked him ‘so what do I need to do first?’ and he replied ‘I don’t know mum, I’m only 6’ shrugged his shoulders and skipped off. Thanks to my son, I had a radical shift in my perspective that I still use in both my own life and my client’s sessions until this day.

I find that some of my clients get so weighed down by goals and what they need to achieve, the facts, figures and everything else that they experience a soul level disconnection from their business.  Some of them find that the goals they set themselves and their business don’t even belong to them, it belongs to a parent, or peer groups or someone they follow on social media. I often raise the question, how are showing up in your business? Without acknowledging and respecting the connection that is there, you can disempower yourself by thinking and feeling that you don’t have an impact on the way that you feel about your business – which you do.

If things about yourself are not being looked after or paid attention to you can begin to fall out of love with something which once meant the world to you.  One of the ways that you can honour the connection between yourself and your business is to follow the advice of my son and ‘just start at the beginning’.

I would like to bring your awareness to why you started your business, I’d like to invite you to recall the first time you made the choice to begin. Please don’t rush this exercise as it’s important to be able to embody the feelings associated with your thoughts.

Grab a pen and paper and write your answers down…

…The beginning…

Think about the very first time that you knew you were supposed to create your business, what influenced your decision?

How did you know that this idea needed to be brought to life by you?

How did you feel about your decision?

What was your vision?

Who did you want to impact and how?

What impact did you envision your business having on the world?

What are your values and how did you envisage them showing up in your business?

Now remember, my son said that the beginning is ‘wherever you want it to be’. How about if we changed the perspective a little and thought about the beginning from a different point of our lives, how about if the beginning was actually when we are older and we are looking back on the lives we lived.  I wonder what the ‘beginning’ would look like from the place of a rocking chair?

…From your rocking chair…

I now invite you to fast forward into the future and imagine yourself as a 90-year-old sitting in a rocking chair looking out of your window.  You are relaxed in the chair and you are looking outside at the beautiful scenery that surrounds you.

What are you thinking to yourself?

What are you most proud of that you have done during your life?

What part did your business play in that?

How did your business impact others?

What values did you have that showed up in your business?

What advice about your life and your business would your 90-year-old self, give to you today?

This is jut one of the tools that you can use to show up in your business, it helps you to get in touch with yourself and remember why you started your business.  It also helps you to look at your business from a different, wiser, more experienced perspective. How will you approach your business differently now?

Remember, you do not need to walk this journey alone. I am on hand to support you to discover who you really are and to create transformational change from the inside out.  You deserve for the world to experience the fully expressed version of you, as you shine your light you encourage others to shine theirs.

Please contact me to find out how I could help you to discover authentic self-expression coupled with actionable strategy in your life and business.

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