1:1 Coaching package

Without my first experience of having a coaching conversation so many years ago, I don’t know where I’d be.  My life would look so different to what it does now, that conversation allowed me to look at myself differently and to question why I felt so stuck in my life.

Since then, I have had a number of coaches to help me to focus on my dreams and create an action plan of how to progress forward in both life and business.  Many years later, after training and qualifying as a coach and NLP practitioner, I now coach others to reclaim their voice and connect to their authentic selves whilst launching their soul led businesses or climbing the career ladder.  I help them to practice authentic, conscious, self-leadership. This improves communication, confidence, self-expression and awareness. I whole-heartedly believe that regardless of the start we have in life, we have the potential to impact – when we shine our light into the world, we silently give another person permission to do the same.

Coaching is who I am, it’s a way of being – open, honest and safe.  Whilst working with me, we connect with each other in a way that allows you to reconnect with yourself.

Together, we create magic.  The kind of magic that comes from recognising potential and taking action in spite of fear, the kind of magic that arises from honouring who you are – even the parts of you that the world doesn’t know about.  

As your coach, I will be your accountability partner and your cheerleader however, I will also guide you to dig deep to identify hidden blocks and limiting beliefs that have previously stopped you from moving forward.  I work with you holistically focusing on your mindset, body and spirit. I want more for you than just achieving a small goal, or temporarily changing a thought. I want you to create huge, amazing visions and then achieve them!

 I am dedicated to your transformation.

We have the ability to create our own narrative, I want to help you to move beyond those blocks and help you to create what is possible for you.  My coaching style empowers you to take action, and not just any kind of action but soul-aligned strategic action.

By working with me you can expect;

  • An improvement in communicating during difficult scenarios
  • A deeper level of self-awareness
  • To know how to authentically express yourself
  • To learn how to cultivate a mindset for success and create the daily habits to get you there
  • To develop strategies to effectively deal with limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts
  • A development of presentation and public speaking skills
  • A clear, laser focused strategic action plan of how to move forward in your career
  • To develop the clarity and confidence to Niche and launch your business.

The clients that I work with have a deep desire for more, they know that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing and are ready to discover what that is and show up with full authentic expression. So, whether you want to express yourself more authentically in your career or business, or whether you are struggling with identifying your purpose or perhaps you are interested in how to live a more fulfilled life then my tailored coaching package could be for you.

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