“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.”

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Hi, my name is Akeila and I am a Mindset Strategist, Life Coach, mum and a woman on a mission.

I help ambitious female creatives, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners like you, to create incredible change, achieve meaningful goals and create an impact in all aspects of life and business.

My clients are visionaries, they aspire to make an impact on the world through their creativity and their purpose-driven businesses.

I support them to learn how to tap into their potential and create the mindset shifts needed to enhance their performance and increase confidence.

My mission is to help you to develop the self-knowledge, self-awareness, and insight required to succeed and become your best self in life and business.

MA in Coaching 

NLP Practitioner Certificate

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Life Coaching

Level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development

Services that I provide






People &

Relationship Building

Coaching Packages

*the precise length of the package is tailored for you and your unique life and circumstances.

Mindset Strategy

In these sessions, you will discover how to:
  • Identify what limiting beliefs may be holding you back
  • Release the need for perfectionism, procrastination, and self-sabotage
  • Understand how your personal principles and values can be used to develop your business
  • Create a blueprint to manage your motivation, inspiration, and productivity

Life Coaching

In these sessions, you will discover how to:
  • Identify what areas of your life may be out of balance
  • Identify and develop your passion and purpose
  • How to create the life that you love

Relationship Coaching

In these sessions, you will discover:
  • The importance of your presence in any situation
  • How to communicate effectively in personal and business relationships
  • Conflict resolution techniques
  • How to get greater fulfillment in relationships

*individual or group sessions available

 Please contact me for a free consultation, it’s an opportunity to find out what experiences you have of coaching, what support you are looking for and what you’d like to achieve.

This FREE consultation will also give you the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for how we can work together and decide whether we will be a good fit. The consultation can take place via Skype/telephone. (All conversations are treated in strict confidence)

This is why I do what I do

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Email: info@akeilabrownecoaching.com